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MPN: CK0104

EAN: 6189515588723

MSRP: $46.95

  • ULTRA-ENGAGING TOOL TRUCK: Keep your little one excitedly preoccupied for hours with the most interactive tool truck toy on the market. It comes with everything from a toy hammer, wrench, screwdriver, to a fully functioning battery-operated toy drill. Treat the kids to a tool truck that takes pretend play to a whole other level.
  • CAN BE FULLY DISASSEMBLED: While other kids’ toy trucks are limited in functionality, this super cool mechanic toy truck is designed to feel as real as can be. The blue bolts and the wheels can be removed by the drill, the green screws can be taken out using the screw driver, and even the engine block at the front can be unscrewed out of place.
  • ATTENTION GRABBING EFFECTS: Turn it on, and watch the work truck toy go! It moves in a 360-degree motion, plays a catchy song that the kids will love singing along to, and lights up at the same time. This is sure to grab the attention of little kids and give them hours of extra-fun playtime.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS: Enjoy total peace of mind as the kiddos have a blast. All the edges of this toy tool truck are smooth, without any rough or sharp parts that can harm your little ones. The batteries are also enclosed securely, so there is no chance for kids to take them out easily.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to crown that birthday, the holidays, or simply just make your little one smile, this super fun tool toy truck is guaranteed to be a hit. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and treat your tot to hours of fun and learning!

MPN: CK1231

EAN: 6189515588686

MSRP: $54.99

  • Engaging Early Learning Toy – Give your baby the gift of fun and learning with 4 unique play modes, including ABC phonics, letters, quiz and music for hours of fun.
  • Enhance Language Development – The interactive sounds and phonics games include 26 letter buttons, 20 number buttons, horn and driver sounds and 26 rhythmic beats!
  • Improve Fine Motor Skills – Brightly colored shapes and easy-to-push buttons help improve cognitive recognition, responsiveness, and confidence in boys and girls.
  • Adjustable Volume – Word phonics sights and sounds toys are great for teaching young toddlers and children, but parents can tune the volume for peace of mind.
  • Portable, Kid-Friendly Design – The Cool Toys Baby Phonics Playtime Bus features a rear handle on the back, making it easy to take with you or put away.

MPN: CK4020

EAN: 6189515588693

MSRP: $39.99

  • KEEP THEM INTRIGUED: Kids are naturally drawn to sounds, which makes this airplane sound effects toy appealing to your little ones. Just a press of a button reveals fascinating airplane sounds such as landing, flight, and take-off that will make your little munchkin curious and entertained at the same time. This kids’ toy airplane also moves around and is fitted with sensors that turn it whenever it hits an obstacle.
  • EXCITING FLASHING LIGHTS: Combined with the interesting plane sounds, My First Plane features vibrant and colorful lights that your cutie pie will love. The light and sound combo make this baby toy for toddlers more fun since there seems to be so many things going on each time your baby presses the different buttons on the toy plane.
  • GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOY: For every toddler who is still getting more familiar with their ABCs and 123s, this will be a fun educative toy to help them brush up on their alphabet and number knowledge. The mode 1 button plays the ABC and 123, so there's fun in learning – such an excellent combo!
  • DANCE, BABY, DANCE: Press the mode 2 button on the adorable toddler airplane toy and it instantly plays a happy tune that will make you and your little darling want to dance, move to the beat of a catchy tune and wiggle it. This keeps your baby active as they move about, claps their hands, and enjoy the beat.
  • AWESOME BABY GIFT: Thinking of a fun gift for babies to give your precious child? Or perhaps, you need an age-appropriate toy for a toddler's birthday or for the holidays? Then, this baby airplane toy will be a guaranteed hit. It lights up, plays music, moves around, educates, and makes for hours of fun. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

MPN: CK5607

EAN: 6189515588679

MSRP: $26.99

  • This 5 tier, multi-colored ball ramp includes three spinning acrylic activity balls that contain colorful beads and shapes for even more interactive play.
  • Start by simply placing the ball in the top hole and watch them fall and roll through each tier.
  • Bright colors, interactive sounds, and intricate shapes enhance fine motor skills and problem solving skills. Perfect for baby’s first educational toy!
  • The tower is easy to assemble and breakdown, making playtime a breeze while you’re on the go.
  • Made from high quality PVC. Ideal for children 9 months and older.

MPN: CK5661

EAN: 6189515588709

MSRP: $59.99

  • KEEP THEM ENTERTAINED: The Little Artisan Game workshop for kids features cool tools your kids can play including a screwdriver, hammer, wrench, and screws. Let the fun begin as your curious tot discovers what each tool can do – and there are fun sounds produced to match each tool, too!
  • SHAPE SORTER: Drop each block to its appropriate slot in the toy workshop set and music plays every time kids get it right! The name of each shape is also called out whenever it fits in the right slot, so your child will learn to call it by the correct name for easy familiarization.
  • COUNT 'EM RIGHT: There is a slider that can be moved from numbers 1 through 5, which calls the number out and plays different tunes at the same time. This makes the pretend workshop a great number learning toy and promotes fine motor skills development as the kids move the slider to discover cool sounds.
  • SUPER INTERACTIVE TOY: What makes this deluxe workshop for kids more exciting than the others in the market is its interactive features. The little ones effectively learn ABCs, numbers, colors, and shapes through sounds and music. There are cool tunes that play to keep your kids engaged for hours on end.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you need a fun and educational gift for kids, look no further and buy this premium workshop table toy today! With kid-friendly features such as the bright colors, catchy tunes, and smooth edges on each part, you can expect to get the best value for your money.

MPN: CK6271

EAN: 6189515588730

MSRP: $29.99

  • UNLEASH THE FUN: Get the giggles going with CoolToys’ Stacking Rainbow duck. Whenever the multi-color rings are stacked on top of each other, the sensors are triggered to start playing a variety of amusing sounds and music. Your little one can't help but giggle and pile the rings up over and over to hear the cute music playing each time.
  • IMPROVES HAND-EYE COORDINATION: This rainbow stacking rings duck helps develop your child's hand-eye coordination as your little one grasps and stacks each ring. Fine motor skills are also improved, which children need to paint, write, and hold things with their fingers.
  • DEVELOPS THE SENSES: The vivid and bright colors of the toddler stacking rings appeal to your child's visual sense. The plastic stacking rings come in vibrant shades of yellow, purple, red, orange, and lime green. All the different features of the baby toy stacking duck contribute to sense development including auditory, visual, and tactile
  • GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOY: Teach your little one to count, master their ABCs, or tell apart shapes & colors with just one toy. The colorful stacking rings for kids come with either numbers, letters, or shapes on them, making this adorable duck one of the best educational toys for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
  • QUALITY GIFT FOR KIDS: If you need a great gift for boys or girls, this rainbow stacking duck toy is a perfect treat. Unlike other toys in the market, you can be sure that this product is 100% kid-friendly with smooth surfaces and edges to keep your little munchkin safe. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

MPN: CK8874

EAN: 6189515588716

MSRP: $39.99

  • EXTRA FEATURES FOR EXTRA FUN: Keep your little munchkin preoccupied for ages with our incredibly interactive duck baby toy. At the push of a button, this cute duck toy for kids produces melodic tones, fun music, eye-catching light effects, and soothing sounds that tots will love. It can also flap its wings, move its beak, wink its eyes, and waddle about the house.
  • ENJOY FULL CONTROL: Unlike other duck baby sound toys that don’t have any way to regulate the audible effects, ours comes with convenient volume controls at the bottom. Not in the mood for all the quacking & music? Just work the controls to tone down the sound or turn it off completely.
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: We take the safety of your baby very seriously. That’s why the batteries in our duck baby light up toys are safely secured in the back using a screw so that your little one doesn’t get to them, and the duck toy for toddlers doesn’t have any easily removable tiny parts that your baby can easily stick in their mouth.
  • GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOY: Help hone your kid’s mental and physicals skills with this fun yet educative learning toy for babies. The interactive sounds cultivate cognitive ability, the catchy music improves knowledge of words, and the walking duck toy helps develop gross motor skills and engages large muscle groups as your baby excitedly crawls after it.
  • QUALITY MEETS VALUE: Get the best bang for your buck with our mix of great pricing and heavy duty construction. No dealing with light up baby musical toys that stop working or fall apart just a few days in. Our quacking duck toy is designed to be your baby’s trusty buddy for a while to come. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

MPN: CK4415

EAN: 6189515588976

MSRP: $34.99

  • KIDS KITCHEN SET: CoolToys Cookin’ Up Kids Play Kitchen Set: Pretend Chef Play for Girls, Boys and Toddlers with Toy Fruits, Vegetables, Stovetop and Cooking Tools is a colorful 20-piece set with everything children need to play chef!
  • UNIQUE GROCERY BASKET + COOKTOP: All the kitchenware, cooking tools, fruits and vegetables can be stored in the vibrant grocery basket with handles—and the basket also doubles as the base of the cool cooktop!
  • IMAGINATIVE PRETEND + PLAY: Our all-in-one cooking and kitchen set lets kids be creative and to explore their imagination; it also allows kids to go screen-free and inspires role play—they’ll get to play little master chefs with a fun culinary experience!
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING: Pretend food and cooking accessories help develop fine motor skills and encourage collective learning and play—especially about healthy, nutritious food. A great gift for the whole family!
  • ENGAGING + EDUCATIONAL FUN: This CoolToys set is the ideal teaching tool for parents, families, caregivers, and teachers looking to encourage multidimensional learning as well as the concepts of “part” and “whole” to help boost early counting and math skills—the fruits and vegetables feature self-stick hook-and-loop fasteners that attach the pieces together and “split” apart with a satisfying crunching, slicing sound


EAN: 6189515587955

MSRP: $34.99

  • COOL MATH GAME: This game teaches basic counting and beginning math skills and encourages retention through stimulating multi-level math games.
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING: Monkey Balance is perfect for children ages 3 and up and is the ideal teaching tool for parents, families, and teachers looking to encourage and reinforce multi-dimensional learning at home, school, nursery, and during tutoring sessions.
  • EASY SET-UP + INSTRUCTIONS: Monkey Balance has everything kids and families need to start playing and having hours of math and counting fun! This STEM game is easy to assemble and easy to learn—so children and families can start playing instantly.
  • KID + FAMILY FUN: This 65-piece toy set includes: 19 monkeys, numbers 1–10, 30 double-sided cards, monkey scale, base, 2 scale pans and an easy-to-read instruction leaflet.
  • ENGAGING + EDUCATIONAL PLAY: Get toddlers and young kids on the counting and mathematics fast track! Monkey Balance improves memory, encourages interactive play and helps develop fine motor skills. Cute graphics and colorful design are eye-catching for the whole family! Monkey Balance also makes a great gift for young girls, boys and families!

MPN: CK4403

EAN: 6189515588969

MSRP: $34.99

  • SHOP, SLICE AND COOK - Encourage a healthy lifestyle by selecting nutritious and fun foods! Children love to imitate their parents. With this set, they can pretend to go shopping, cook up a meal and serve you breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • VIBRANT COLORS - Bright and various colors not only can draw your little chef's attention, but also can satisfy their curiosity to the surrounding. It includes 10 fruit and veggies, a plastic knife and a cutting board which are made with non-toxic, high-quality materials to keep your little ones safe
  • GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOY - Develops practical ability, builds motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It's also a suitable way to introduce the concepts of part, whole and fractions
  • MESS FREE AND EASY STORAGE - All the fruits and vegetables included in the pretend playset fits conveniently in the included plastic grocery basket. Makes clean up and storage easy
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Give as a gift to just about any kid! It makes a great reward or incentive to kids. Awesome for holidays, birthdays or any occasion